Chia Tai Home Garden Launches 4 New Products Specifically Created for Planters and Consumers

Friday 07 May 2021 11:09
Chia Tai Home Garden by Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, introduce 4 new products for all planters to enjoy the planting experience. The new products which come in new "Easy Package" includes Melon Golden Queen, Watermelon Smoothy, Sweet Corn Double Delight, and White Cucumber, all of which have been deliberately developed by Chia Tai.
Chia Tai Home Garden Launches 4 New Products Specifically Created for Planters and Consumers
  • Melon Golden Queen: This is one of Chia Tai's most favorite melon varieties with the yellow skin, sweet and subtle flesh, and nice texture.
  • Watermelon Smoothy: This is Chia Tai Home Garden's new seedless watermelon variety that has waxy black skin, as well as red and delectable flesh.
  • Sweet Corn Double Delight: This is a bi-color sweet corn (white and yellow) with sweet taste and full yellow kernels. It is also easy to grow and offers great yields.
  • White Cucumber: This cucumber comes with light green and white skin, is easy to grow and resistant to diseases and freight transport. The harvest time is also quite short. The white cucumber can be cooked as various dishes.

These new products of Chia Tai Home Garden come in the new "Easy Package" that has been deliberately crafted for customers to enjoy planting more than ever, especially when many people are required to work from home and spend most of their time at home. Furthermore, the 4 new products are developed with an aim to help farmers plant fruits and vegetables that truly serve consumer demands, as well as to strengthen food security for consumers and boost income security for farmers, all of which are in alignment with Chia Tai's purpose to enhance people's quality of life on a sustainable basis by fostering agricultural innovations through quality products and services.

Interested customers can now purchase them at leading agricultural supply stores and modern trade stores nationwide, or place order at /Line: @homegarden / Facebook of Chia Tai Home Garden: .

About Chia Tai ??
Chia Tai Company Limited was established in 1921. It is now one of Asia's leading agricultural companies with its business covering the entire chain of the agricultural industry, starting from quality seeds, fertilizers, plant protection, to cultivation technology and delivery of safe and quality products.?

Determined to unceasingly develop products and services, Chia Tai was among the first companies in Thailand to develop hybrid seeds. It has high potential to develop breeds to create security for farmers and confidence for consumers. Chia Tai has up to 10 R&D stations in Thailand and other countries and seven subsidiaries across Asia and the US with over 1,300 employees.??

Chia Tai's principle in doing business is firmly based on business ethics and professionality, with its goal to develop products and services that deliver??agricultural innovations for a better and sustainable quality of life?for people across the region.

Source: Chia Tai