Changzhi, Shanxi, Magnificent Taihang Mountains

Tuesday 26 October 2021 16:55
Located in the southeastern part of Shanxi Province, Changzhi City was once called "Shangdang" in history. It covers an area of 13,900 square kilometers and has a permanent population of 3.18 million.
Changzhi, Shanxi, Magnificent Taihang Mountains

Changzhi is a city of rich culture and quality, with a long history and profound heritage. In ancient times, Shennong the Yan Emperor who is one of the earliest emperors, used to taste the unknown herbs, grow the grains, and teach the people to cultivate here. Many prehistoric myths and legends such as Jingwei Reclaiming the Sea, Nvwa Replenishing the Sky, Houyi Shooting the suns, and Yugong moving the mountain all originated here, and are known as the "Hometown of Chinese Mythology". Since the establishment of Shangdang County in the Qin Dynasty, Changzhi has a history of more than 2,300 years of city construction and is known as the "Museum of Ancient Culture and Ancient Architecture".

Changzhi is a charming city of with excellent landscape, suitable for living and traveling. The annual average temperature is 9.5 degrees Celsius, with no severe cold in winter and no sweltering heat in summer. The beauty of Taihang mountains and rivers is gathered here, and the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon is known as one of the "ten most beautiful canyons in China". The city's forest coverage rate is 31.92%, and the green coverage rate of the main urban area is 47.3%. The Laodingshan National Forest Park, the Zhangze Lake National Urban Wetland, and the "three rivers and one canal" water system around the city outline the harmonious coexistence of landscapes and cities.

Changzhi is a vigorous and dynamic city with obvious advantages and huge potential. There are 6 expressways in the territory, national highways 207 and 208 run north-south, national highway 309 runs east-west; Zhengtai high-speed railway runs north-south, Taijiao and Hanchang railways are connected with national arteries, the Beijing-Guangzhou and Longhai railway lines; Wari railway is directly connected with Rizhao Port; Changzhi Wangcun Airport has 11 navigable cities. Changzhi is known as the "City of Coal and Iron". At present, there are more than 40 kinds of coal, iron, silicon, marble and so on, among them, the proven reserves of coal are 29.6 billion tons, iron ore are about 100 million tons.

Source: The News Center of Changzhi City

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