Embracing Advanced Technology Through Automation & Big Data

Friday 28 January 2022 14:00
"I think the key takeaway is that it's a journey that you need to be on, it's not a quick win solution. You have to go through the process.  You have to go through the learning. You make mistakes, and you learn from mistakes, and you adapt yourself. I think as a company, as a team, we are quite agile, and I think one key takeaway is that you need to be very agile to be able to operate and effectively support the business transformation that is necessary for today's day and age.", said Rajiv Kakar, Group CIO, Thai Union Group Public Company Limited.
Embracing Advanced Technology Through Automation Big Data

Digital transformation is continuously contributing great impact to all industries, even seafood processors! Nowadays, with the acceleration of digital advances, there are emerging technologies and innovations that can improve the performance of business capabilities, whether it be operating, processing, analyzing, or manufacturing, etc. Let's see how businesses can exploit these opportunities.

Today we are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Mr. Rajiv Kakar, Group CIO, Thai Union Group, PCL.

Mr. Rajiv Kakar, with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, is currently working as the Group CIO to support the IT estate across Thai Union group. Let's find out how he utilizes digital and technology transformation like automation & big data to shape business operations more efficiently, how he applies SAP ERP to this industry, and what are the things that he considered should have done earlier in open talk EP. 18 "Embracing Advanced Technology Through Automation & Big Data"

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Rajiv Kakar, Group CIO, Thai Union Group, PCL.


Waleeporn Sayasit, General Manager-Corporate Communications, TCC Technology


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