Spotify Media Newsletter: What's NEW in Thailand's music space!

Wednesday 28 September 2022 16:52
At Spotify, we love supporting artists and celebrating what's NEW in the music space! 
Spotify Media Newsletter: What's NEW in Thailand's music space!

From revealing the featured artists in September's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย ("I Listen to Thai Songs") campaign to announcing the second slate of RADAR artists in 2022, this month, we're spotlighting fresh audio news to keep music lovers in Thailand on their toes, up-to-date and entertained.

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What's Happening

4EVE, ALLY and KLEAR: September Artists of Spotify's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย ("I Listen to Thai Songs") campaign

Earlier this month, Spotify announced its September lineup of artists featured in Spotify's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย ("I Listen to Thai Songs") campaign, which includes T-Pop girl group 4EVE, songstress ALLY and pop-rock band KLEAR. Handpicked by Spotify, the artists were highlighted on the cover of Spotify's ฉันฟังเพลงไทย playlist to support Thai artists across all genres and help them better connect with new audiences locally. Support your favorite local artists and listen to their songs on ฉันฟังเพลงไทย!

New Artist Highlights

Spotify announces the second lineup of RADAR Thailand artists in 2022

As part of its commitment to help up-and-coming local artists reach new audiences worldwide, Spotify Thailand is excited to reveal the latest slate of homegrown artists selected for its global emerging artist program RADAR in 2022. The lineup features exciting and diverse rising talents, including:

  • Blackbeans - an indie-pop band made of 4 high school friends - Boom, Time, Game and Peach - that skyrocketed to popularity with their viral song "Wish".
  • YourMOOD - recently debuting as a solo artist, this T-Pop talent has captured the hearts of fans thanks to hits like "Goodbye" and "Flower Group".
  • TheMoonWillAlwaysBeWithMe - releasing his first song 'A Faint Star with a Light Heart' back in 2020, this pop-alternative artist is known to create music that puts listeners in a mesmerizing trance.
  • Jeff Satur - with his fresh and modern music that touches a variety of genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop and 80s sounds, this artist and his "Genre-Free" vision has quickly become an inspiration to many Thai and international fans.
  • The White Hair Cut - a 23-year-old artist that has been making pop songs inspired by his life's experiences since high school, but recently gained popularity from his singles, like เติมต่อ (TermTor) and ฝากเวลา (Fak Vera).

K-Pop Special

NEW Spotify-exclusive interview with K-Pop Rapper B.I

While on the set of Spotify's latest global K-Pop campaign, B.I opened up about what's on his playlist, his current earworms and what motivates him to keep making music. When asked what songs he's been listening to recently, he said,"aespa's Girls, SUNMI's Heart Burn - I even watched the dance choreography for the song, and POP! from TWICE NAYEON's solo album. I've listened to [NAYEON's] album at least four times".

Check out more of the interview with B.I on Spotify's K-Pop ON! Track, the go-to site for all things K-Pop.

Source: Hill & Knowlton

Spotify Media Newsletter: What's NEW in Thailand's music space!